Sunday, October 29, 2006

my writing life

I love my job.

It's exciting to think about all the different experiences I've had in the last few months. I've acted in a movie, wiped tables at a soup kitchen, talked to grammy nominee Fresh I.E., met leaders from the Billy Graham association, attended a Fetal Alcohol parent support group, and learned about everything from music therapy to international Christmas celebrations!

Then I get to come home and play with words. I whitle and sculpt other people's words into a picture, and then I introduce my new friends to the world.

The greatest compliment I have received is, "You captured the spirit of what we're trying to do."

Monday, October 23, 2006

a spiritual birthday party

I was at that outreach event tonight and it was incredible. If I could have pressed a pause button I would have, because it felt like my whole life was made for that moment.

After all the music and the message were over, the preacher called people to come forward if they wanted to invite Jesus into their lives. The thought crossed my mind that maybe no one would respond and it would be an awkward moment for the preacher and then we'd all go home.

That's not what happened. What happened was: hundreds of people in that arena came forward and asked Jesus to cleanse them and give them a new life.

And I got to be part of someone's new beginning.

I was paired up with a single mother in her 50s. We prayed together, asking God for forgiveness, declaring her belief in Jesus' death, and inviting him into her life. Then I put my hand on her shoulder and asked God to give her hope, joy and power, and to show her that he is close to her. When we opened our eyes she was crying.

"Are those happy tears?" I asked.

She laughed. "Yes."

I gave her a hug and we parted ways, but neither one of us will forget this night.

It was out of this world.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

fishers of what?

I'm going to be a counsellor at an outreach event. I'm excited but I must be nervous too because I had the goofiest dream.

When the preacher called people to come forward if they wanted to commit their lives to Jesus, instead of praying with another person I was counselling....a talking pet fish.

I realized something was awry when he started asking me to pray for freedom from his sexual addiction to mating with every fish in the tank. It was then that it dawned on me: I'm not supposed to counsel the opposite sex!

So I went to talk to the preacher, but he told me I'd missed the boat. There were no females (of any species) left for me to pray with.

Apparently I took Jesus' command to "fish for souls" a little too literally.

But if you have any pets seeking spiritual healing, feel free to give me a call.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

What's a girl like me doing in a place like that?

What was I doing at an Irish pub staring into the eyes of a man 1/2 my age while the rest of my family sat in church this morning?

I was an extra in a feature film, Among Thieves, a conspiracy theory/human interest story about the war in Iraq and the meaning of truth.

I was there to observe the shoot and interview the producer for Christian Week. But he was too busy to chat. No matter, being on camera was way more fun anyway!

I'm just not sure what my pastor will say when he sees me holding that beer on the big screen!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Queen G.

Did I mention I have a daughter?

G. is 4 1/2. When she grows up, she says she wants to be queen of the mermaids. Any kind of queen will do actually, as long as she can dance with the king, ride horses and wear sparkly dresses. What can I expect, having named her after the actress who played Cinderella opposite Richard Chamberlain in The Slipper and the Rose?

I was shocked when the doctor told me, "It's a girl!" With 2 younger brothers and a son, I felt like, "Really? They come in that brand?"

Her name means "jewel queen." She was so beautiful - round cheeks, button nose, big blue eyes with long eyelashes, and curly brown hair - I couldn't stop looking at her.

But I didn't get much time to just sit and look when I got home from the hospital; I nursed her on the go. The only way 2 year old K. would let me sit still was if I read him stories, which worked well, except that he had to wake me up between pages.

Now that K. is in school I have some time to focus on G. I cheer her across the monkey bars. We have long conversations with Polly Pocket. We attend royal balls in the living room and try on every necklace at Reitmans.

Sometimes she even brings out the princess in me.