Saturday, October 29, 2016


On Oct. 17, 2016, at McNally Robinson Booksellers, I launched my first book.

Some 100 family and friends came to celebrate this milestone in my life. They came from my church, parent support groups, poetry circles, my son's school and gliding club.

Seven households on my street, some of whom only know me as the lady on the end of Lily's leash, came to support the author from the neighbour. Some of them met each other for the first time in my book signing line.

There were people who live autism, and who don't know anything about it. People who love poetry and those who don't (yet).

I love that a book (something we usually think of as silent and solitary) has the power to bring people together!

Here are some of my favouite photos from the event. (All taken by my husband Tony, aka Anthony Mark Photography.)

My proud parents (who have finally forgiven me for not becoming an optometrist). My mom called me first thing in the morning on the Saturday before my launch to tell me in a giddy voice, "The Free Press gave you a whole third of a page!"
All those book launches when I sat in the audience fantasizing about McNally events coordinator John Toews' sonorous voice calling my name... now it was my turn.
Méira Cook, my mentor in the Manitoba Writers Guild 2012 Sheldon Oberman Mentorship Program, introduced me with such glowing words that I was speechless. I had to switch my first poem to compose myself.
Living the dream, with my husband's photos of my kids behind me.

My friend's husband (centre) wasn't sure about this whole poetry reading thing. My first success of the evening: I got him to come. My second success: I made him laugh. Here's proof. 
My children performing with me: my son on an official basis, and my daughter because she felt in the mood.

About twice as many people as I expected. Made for a bit of fast breathing in the bathroom before the reading.

It goes without saying that I love this kid. He doesn't do anything halfway.

My writing partner Joanne Epp, with whom I workshopped nearly every poem.
The best review I'll ever get.
The eBook is now available here.
For upcoming readings, see my other blog: 37 Mice.

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