Friday, July 15, 2011

How do I get you alone? the hot mamma remix

I've had Heart's 1987 hit "Alone" in my head all week:

I hear the tickin' of the clock
I'm lying here the room's pitch dark
I wonder where you are tonight
No answer; you look zoned
And the kids fall asleep so very slow
Oh, you already hiding under your pillow

You don't know how long I have wanted
To touch your lips and hold you tight, oh
You don't know how long I have waited
And you were going to get lucky for fixing the dryer tonight
But the kids come back from camp soon
And my love for you is on hold till next June

It's a good thing my hair isn't this sexy, or my kids would die of thirst (for lack of one more drink) in their beds.

With the right mix of wind, gel, and humidity, this is as close as Angeline gets to 80s hair, but she does know how to work it.

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