Friday, January 01, 2010

Highlights of 2009

What I celebrated:
Our 15th wedding anniversary (with a weekend in Kenora),

my inlaws' 50th,

and my children's successes.
What I lost:
I said goodbye to my wonderful Grandma--my last grandparent, my connection to the past, my greatest prayer warrior, one of my best friends, and my biggest fan.

What I gained:
Something to keep my car...
...and my arms warm.

What I accomplished:
I submitted (and published!) a freelance story for the first time in years.
I taught two new courses: Minor Prophets and Communications, opened many pudding cups for first and second graders, sold a few spices, taught my daughter to ride two-wheeler and sent my son to his first week of overnight camp, wrote my Christian Week health column, and accepted a part-time term position as a Mennonite historical researcher.

I painted G's room yellow...

...and Minneapolis red!

Perhaps my greatest memories involve girlfriends new and old:
I joined a monthly support group for mom of special needs kids (which meets at Kelsey's over
free drinks and pricey appetizers), hosted an alfresco tea party, c0-led a women's accountability group, and went for many life-giving coffee dates with special friends.

Happy New Year!