Thursday, October 11, 2007

Dancing on the ceiling...because I can't find the floor

Some kids with Aspergers like their rooms sparse, drab and orderly. Or so I've been told. If only my little house could be so lucky.

K. is very attached to things: things that sparkle, things that feel neat, things he's made.

"They all have memories," he says.

"So do I," I think. "I remember when I could see my floor."

Here is an inventory of his collections: feathers, shells, bottle caps, rocks, dinosaurs, books, drawings, trucks, Legos, helicopters, beads, motorcycles, snow globes, stuffed animals, marbles, photos, leaves, and fossils/bones. Oh, and he recently informed me of the existence of "a broken things collection." He chose not to disclose its location.

Smart kid.

I used to vacuum lint before it hit the floor. Now I have to spend a hour clearing a path first. I've tried shelves, Rubbermaids, drawers, and decorative boxes to try to contain the collections. But K. prefers them spread across the tables, beds and carpet so they're always visible. I keep trying to throw stuff into the closet, but he wants to keep the closet floor empty so he can hide in there and play his toy guitar.

I give up. If I didn't want things to get complicated I shouldn't have gotten kids, pets, or....a life.

Pray with me for his future wife...a saintly patient future wife.